Uncle Edgar in his boat smiling, as now he knows where the treasure is hidden.
Bill Reyner's Piper PA-28 floatplane in Lake Ontario.
Gran's House on Victoria Street.
Mary Queen of Scots was buried at Peterborough Cathedral after her execution at Fotheringay Castle.
King James I of England had her removed and placed in Westminster. Cromwell destroyed her tomb at Peterborough because the Queen was a Catholic.
Katherine of Aragon, 1486-1536 One of Henry VIII's wives. Buried in Peterborough Cathedral.
Grans's New House, as Gran's old house on Victoria Street was destroyed by fire in the year 2000.
Cromlet Castle Pitcalver Scotland
Lion from Lions and Christians
The Clifton Suspension Bridge Bristol England. Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel 1806 to 1859. The bridge was completed in 1864.
Reggie's Eurocopter in the evening over England..
Bill Reyner spots a polar Bear.
St Michael and All Angels Church Sidestrand Norfolk England. The building minus the tower was moved stone by stone to the new site in 1881. The old tower being left as a seafaring marker but it fell into the ocean in March of 1916
Bill Reyner's jet in Magnuscarter
Bill Reyner's jet cockpit in Magnuscarter
Agawa Canyon Park
Agawa Canyon Railway
Agawa Canyon Railway Coach
Fire Fighting in Northern Canada


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